Fountains and Aeration

Fountains in a lake or fountain give the water a vertical element that captures the eye and soothes the soul. The sound that water makes as it splashes is pleasing and can be used in areas to abate unwanted noises.  Fountains also help provide aeration and oxygenation to the water column.One of the fastest and most economical ways to improve water quality is through the incorporation of aeration. Waterworks specializes in the manufacturing and installation of diffused air systems, submersible aspiration aerators, and fountain/surface aerators. Aeration will help your aquatic environment by:

  • Destrafication of the water column

  • Fast and economical turn over of water

  • Increase dissolved Oxygen for fish and other wildlife

  • Cool surface temperatures which helps reduce algae blooms

  • Reduces organic debris and helps decomposition

  • Reduces odors common with stagnant water

  • Reduces sediment and silt buildup